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Transportation by a chauffeur has existed for just about as long as there have been cars — hiring a chauffeured limousine service is a tradition in the United Kingdom. Here at VIP Chauffeur Service we provide you with all the information you could ever need regarding finding the chauffeur service to match your UK transport needs.


airport chauffeur

When you land at an airport, the last thing you want to do is wait in line for a taxi. This is especially true when you are visiting a destination for the first time. You may be unsure about the best route to your accommodation, or how much local currency is required to get you there. If you’re flying in on a private plane, another factor to consider is that your FBO (fixed-base operator, the organization that operates at the airport and provides aeronautical services such as aircraft rental and maintenance) is often separate from the main international airport, and can be based in remote locations. As there are no scheduled flights arriving, taxis are not always readily available.

After a long flight, it’s far more pleasant to have a chauffeur service waiting for you, ready to whisk you to your hotel in comfort and privacy. This allows you to relax, catch up on work, make phone calls and check emails, whilst not having to worry about any distractions. Often, business travelers need to make important calls as soon as they land. The spacious, tranquil atmosphere of a hired car or limousine is the perfect environment to catch up with urgent matters on the go.

The sums up quite nicely just what it is that chauffeurs do. Drivers take passengers on prearranged trips. They drive limousines, vans, or private cars. They may work for hire for single trips, or they may work for a person, a private business, or for a government agency. Customer service is important for chauffeurs, especially luxury vehicle drivers. Some do the duties of executive assistants, acting as driver, secretary, and itinerary planner. Other chauffeurs drive large vans between airports or train stations and hotels.

All chauffeurs must have a regular automobile driver’s license. States and local municipalities set other requirements; many require chauffeurs to get a taxi or limousine license. This normally requires passing a background check, drug test and a written exam about regulations and local geography. There are more than a few important qualities that chauffeurs must have.

Customer-service skills. Chauffeurs regularly interact with their customers and have to represent their company positively and ensure passenger satisfaction with their ride. Because passengers rate ride-hailing drivers after each trip, excellent customer-service skills can lead to a favorable review.

Dependability. Customers rely on chauffeurs to pick them up on time and quickly transport them to their destination.

Hand–eye coordination. Chauffeurs must watch their surroundings and avoid obstacles and other hazards while driving a vehicle.

Initiative. Chauffeurs usually work with little or no supervision, so they must self-motivate and take the initiative to earn a living.

Patience. Drivers must be calm and composed when driving through heavy traffic and congestion or dealing with rude passengers.

Visual ability. Chauffeurs must be able to pass a state-issued vision test to hold a driver’s license.