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The City of Bath in the English unitary authority of Bath & North East Somerset (B&NES) positioned at the southern extremeties of the Cotswolds is a spectacularly beautiful city. The city’s compactness and striking architecture – Roman baths, majestic Abbey and sweeping Georgian terraces – combine to produce one of the most elegant sights in Europe.

The city, however, is far more than museums and old buildings. It has a lively cultural scene with several festivals and all kinds of shows, concerts and exhibitions filling up the events calendar. Being a university town, it also has a vibrant nightlife, and the dining scene equals that of almost any other British city.

Despite the fact that Bath is a sprawling city, the centre is compact and easy to navigate on foot. Bath is known for its Georgian classical architecture and its development as a Roman city called ‘Aquae Sullis‘. The presence of hot springs and easily worked limestone made it attractive to the Romans who built the original town which flourished for 400 years.

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Bath declined quickly after the Romans left Britain and did not thrive again until the eighteenth century when once again it was water and stone that made it great but this time of Georgian influenced architecture.

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There are hundreds of things to see and do in Bath. Here’s an easy top ten to get you started. And here’s a top tip: enjoy them at their best by visiting midweek.

Take the Bath Abbey Tower Tour to see the different, working side of this iconic landmark. Ascend 212 steps to the top and you will climb past the ringing chamber to the bell chamber and have the chance to stand above the Abbey’s vaulted ceiling and sit behind the clock face. Once you reach the roof, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views over the city and surrounding countryside.’

Immerse yourself in history and see how Bath’s former residents relaxed all those centuries ago. Interactive exhibits and CGI reconstructions bring this unique ancient site back to life, showing how important the baths were to our Roman ancestors.

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Our hot springs aren’t just for bathing. Drinking the mineral-rich waters is said to be a healthy remedy for numerous ailments. Try some for yourself in the elegant Georgian Pump Room Restaurant, where a glass of water from the spa fountain makes a unique accompaniment to a meal or extravagant afternoon tea.

Bath is a deep treasure chest of museums and galleries (far too many to list here). Relive the Georgian era at No.1 Royal Crescent, soak up style at the Fashion Museum and visit Victoria Art Gallery for classic and contemporary art in a splendid Victorian setting.

Visit The Jane Austen Centre to delve into the life of Britain’s favourite author. Exhibits and costumed characters tell the story of Austen’s time spent living here in Bath between 1801 and 1806 and the impact it had on her work.

Take a stroll on the Bath Skyline Walk. Just a short distance from the city centre, this six-mile route takes you through lush meadows, secluded valleys and ancient woodlands. Alongside the natural splendour, you’ll also take in some spectacular wide-angle vistas of beautiful Bath.

You can’t take a dip at the Roman Baths these days, but you can still enjoy the same natural hot springs at Thermae Bath Spa. This indulgent complex brings the spa into the twenty-first century, with luxurious treatment rooms, relaxation spaces and a spectacular rooftop pool offering 360-degree views of the city.

After your stay ends you’ll schedule transfer services from Bath to your airport. Having an executive chauffeur provide the relaxed ride, and carry your luggage, makes for a nice end to a great vacation.